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Products & Services

We offer a range of services to our customers including consultancy, supply of our standard product line and design and supply of bespoke products.

We believe our range of towers, poles and rooftop solutions would be of interest across all projects, but if appropriate these can be tailored to meet your exact needs. In addition, we have a range of Stealth products which are for use on sensitive sites where apparatus needs to be concealed.

Poles & Towers

Our range of poles and towers include several award-winning designs that range from small site solutions, medium duty poles/towers to high capacity switch towers. Our products are designed with aesthetics and usability at the forefront of design. Due to the bespoke nature of our products we can easily tailor to customer needs, specifications and expectations.

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Rooftop & Bracketry

We have a vast array of Antenna/Dish/Cabinet Mounting Systems from freestanding modular systems to retro fit brackets that mount antennas direct to a CHS poles. We also provide working platforms, stepovers and cable management systems.

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Our Undetectables department work closely with the customer to design and supply a solution that conceals equipment for sensitive sites. Solutions range from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) shrouds and enclosures, specialist artwork, prints and replica cladding.

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Consultancy Services

We carry out a range of consultancy services – GDC (Global Design Check), Site Surveys (including tower climb), Geotechnical Surveys, Base Station design, Photo Montage, Site Maintenance.

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